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The initial meeting can take place anywhere, from your home, to your office or a coffee shop. You and Clint will discuss various options and requirements for the installation, where after he will return to his office to start with the proposal and design. Through the use of state-of-the-art 3D design software, Clint is able to offer you designs and full 3D concept designs of your installation, thereby allowing you to visualise more accurately what the final product will look like. Once all alterations have been done and the plans, terms, etc. of the installation have been signed off, deposits paid, etc. construction begins. Assembly will take place either on-site or at our warehouse and your installation will proceed from beginning to end with as few interruptions and wasted time as possible. As the cabinets are owner built, Clint will be on-site to assist with construction and have a complete overview of the process, thereby problem solving and also ensuring the site remains as clean and as neat as possible throughout the installation.

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